SWWU to swell to seven? [18/Sep/13]

With the 2013/14 academic year spluttering into life, most clubs are in the midst of handling the annual influx of potential new recruits. Perhaps they are also crossing their fingers for some experienced archers popping up in amongst the throng of beginners.

There is also the possibility of a few entirely new clubs popping up, mainly in the south west. For many years SWWU has been by far the smallest of the regional leagues, at times getting down to only Bath, Exeter and Swansea. Last year the core SWWU trio were joined by Plymouth who took a greater part than they have in any previous year, missing only one match.

In 2013/14, these four are set to be joined by a new club which sprang up at Bristol towards the end of last season. They fielded one archer at Lilleshall - Miranda Timmerman - who won the ladies barebow title. However, this is not Bristol's first incarnation as they did have a club many years ago (winning BUCS Indoors team bronze in 1981 and 1982) but it has long lain dormant. Bristol's President now is Rebecca Packwood and their contact email address is uob.archery@@gmail.com.

Also, there are two completely new clubs hoping to start up in September and they will join SWWU should they do so. BUCS Indoors in 2011 was held in Cardiff, a tournament notable for giving rise to AFS, as that time there was no club at the university. As a follow up to that tournament, a club was formed, but struggled to get off the ground and looked to have disappeared. Cardiff are trying again in 2013. Andrew Callaway won 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze BUCS individual medals as a solo archer for Bournemouth and a record 5 international student caps. He is now helping to get a club started there.

Bristol, Cardiff and Bournemouth are all in their infancy so any neighbouring clubs who can be helpful in terms of equipment loans etc. are encouraged to get in touch. Should all three clubs join, SWWU will go from a league of four to a league of seven.

Eliott Rooke will run SWWU in 2013/14, with Douglas Jardine and Bethany Woodcock now confirmed as the new organisers of SSS and NEUAL. Chris Guerin and Stephen Fawcett remain in their roles.

In other news the 2013/14 E-League is up and running. Promotions and relegations from 2012/13 have been confirmed. Scores counting towards Round 1, September/October can be submitted until Tue 5th Nov. Hosting announcements for BUTC and BUCS championships will follow shortly.

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