Southampton take E-crown [25/Apr/14]

Southampton won the last round of the E-League Division 1 to take the overall E-League title for the first time. Southampton were in a final round showdown with defending E-League Champions Warwick and the pair were first and second in March to finish first and second overall on 47 and 46 points respectively. Southampton's win is their first national title since they did the BUCS double back in 1992. It has been quite a year for the south coast club as they won SEAL for the third time in four years and hosted BUTC. Although they missed out on the big prize this time, Warwick's E-League consistency is remarkable. Since 2007, they have medalled every year, finishing 3rd, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 2nd, 2nd, 1st and 2nd.

Behind the leading duo, Cambridge overtook Bath after the final round, finishing on 34 points to Bath's 33. Derby made a late charge and finished on 33, but with a slightly lower average. Loughborough were sixth on 27 points, with Birmingham on 23 and Liverpool the last team safe on 17.

Lancaster and Edinburgh (who did not enter any scores at all) will be the teams relegated from Division 1. Edinburgh were far from the only high scoring team to not enter scores. Nottingham and Oxford will be relegated for the second season in a row for the same reason. London and Aberdeen will be heading the other way. London won Division 2 with some strong performance, with Aberdeen beating SSS rivals Napier to the second promotion slot.

Four teams will be promoted from Division 3: winners London B, Derby B, Birmingham B and Swansea A. In Division 4, Exeter A claimed a maximum 50 league points to gain promotion. Also promoted from Division 4 are Strathclyde A and Derby C. Exeter B, Nottingham Trent A, Swansea B and Exeter C will all gain promotion from the Conference.

Birmingham won Compound Division 1, with Bath in second place and Strathclyde in third.

Derby were already mathematically assured of the novice E-League title and ended with 49 points. Southampton were second on 33, with Birmingham grabbing third place on 30, just ahead of Bath Cambridge and Warwick. Napier and Liverpool were seventh and eighth. Loughborough and Edinburgh are relegated from Division 1. London A won Division 2 with a maximum of 50 points. Derby B, London B, Imperial A and Southampton C were promoted from Division 3, whilst Exeter A, Swansea A and Huddersfield A were promoted from the Conference.

In the individual categories, Gareth Fleming (Queen Margaret) won gents recurve with 98, ahead of Alex Hickson (Bath) on 95 and Andrew Howe (Southampton) on 90, the three gents dominating the medal positions all year long. Tom Currall (Derby) finished fourth on 75 points, whilst Tak Ho (Cambridge) led the chasing pack on 61. Rebekah Tipping (Aberdeen) took the ladies recurve honours on 95 points, clear of BUCS Indoors individual champion Gerda Pociunaite (Exeter) on 88 and Madeleine Meatyard (Warwick) on 80. Amy Aichinger (Surrey) was fourth on 75, with Nat Chavanich (Southampton) on 68.

In novices, Davi Simmons (Derby) had a virtually unassailable lead and took first place on 90. Alexander Barnsley (Liverpool) took second place with maximum points in the last round to overtake Arman Amini (London) 77 points overall to 75. Dan Johnson (Derby) was fourth in a group with Hugh Pearce (Bath) and Graeme Stevens (London). Lea Kruger (Warwick) held off the charge of Claire Pilgrim (Birmingham) to win 84 points to 80, with Nimra Imran (Warwick) in third on 77. Mechelle Diamond (Napier) was in fourth place, 10 behind third, but nearly 20 clear of the chasing pack.

In a remarkable solo performance, Emily Williams (South Wales) won three separate ladies barebow, compound and longbow on 93, 99 and 100 points respectively. The equivalent gents champions were barebow Jake Bellamy, compound Matt Dale and longbow Luke Rieman (all Warwick), Rieman also picking up the individual maximum of 100 points.

Full results and tables are available on the E-League website. If your club isn't listed, contact the E-League organisers and you can get started with the 2014/15 E-League season which starts on 1st September. The E-League may lack some of the lustre (and a few of the top clubs) of BUCS Indoors and BUTC, but Southampton and Warwick made it a great battle for the title and a good E-League performance remains indicative of a club in good health.

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