NEUAL's Dozen Opening [28/Nov/13]

NEUAL's opening batch four fixtures were played out over the weekend of the 16/17th November. All 12 competing teams took part. Also one fixture from the second batch has taken place.

NEUAL still uses individual matches, rather than a split venue all vs. all format. However in a change for 2013/14, NEUAL and also SEAL as well now award 15 points for a match win (14 for 2nd, 13 for 3rd etc.). This recognises the increase in numbers in both leagues. Results from the first legs of SEAL & SWWU hae now been published as well as BUTTS leg 2. Editorials covering them all will follow.

All 12 teams took part in the opening batch of four NEUAL fixtures. Liverpool, Keele, Sheffield and Leeds [corr.] were the four match winners, although unusually, the top 3 team scores were all scored in the same match, Liverpool v York v Lancaster. Liverpool won the match on 2189, whilst York came out narrowly on top in this early season Roses encounter 2134 to 2119. This quirk of the results means that Lancaster went 9th in the table after one match, despite making the third highest total.

Keele (2041) and Sheffield (2028) won their matches but were the only other sides over 2000, Leeds [corr.] won their match with 1932. Hull, Bradford and Durham were all second, whilst MMU Cheshire, Sunderland and Huddersfield were third.

Top individual scores were Bob Smith (Liverpool) on 561 and Jonathan Edgar (Durham) on 560 with lots of high 550s dotted around the teams.

In the novice match there were also wins for Liverpool, Keele, Sheffield and Leeds. Sheffield's 1355 was the highest score across the four matches, with Keele's 1245 in second. Leon Robson (Sheffield) scored 499.

See the current NEUAL standings. These include one match which has taken place from the next batch of NEUAL fixtures, being held over the weekends of the 23/24 November and 30 November/1 December. Here Lancaster scored 2122 to comfortably see off Sunderland and Huddersfield. Huddersfield won the novice match. Top scorers in the match were seniors Matt McCormack (Lancaster) 568 and Daniel Simmons (Sunderland) 563 and novice Loren Franklin (Lancaster) 500.

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