The Sign of Three [10/Feb/14]

This article is a brief summary of SSS, NEUAL and BUTTS round 3. Results for SSS and BUTTS round 4 will follow ASAP.

Edinburgh took control of the SSS league table with a third win in three matches. Edinburgh's winning total of 2259 was given a boost by Douglas Jardine's 582. Napier beat Aberdeen to second place, 2182 against 2139, with Strathclyde fourth, naerly 250 points back. There were scores in the 560s from Roy Hotrabhvanon and Fraser Keir (both Edinburgh) and Piotr Wojtczuk (Napier). Edinburgh won the novice league match very comfortably on 1536, whilst Napier were best of the rest on 1293, ahead of Dundee.

In BUTTS leg 3, all teams finished within 81 points of one another, the top 7 were within 42 points, the top 4 within 9 points, the top 2 only 1 point apart. Warwick (2236), Derby (2235), Nottingham Trent (2231), Oxford (2227) were the top half of the match. Nottingham and Loughborough were the right side of 2200, with Cambridge scoring just under it. Despite a score of 2155, Birmingham were eighth. In the BUTTS novice match, Tom Currall (Derby) top scored in the match with 580, whilst Shaun Rhodes (Derby) and Steph Reynolds (Nottingham Trent) both notched 571. A further seven archers scored in the 560s. In the novice match, Derby finished well clear at the top, with Nottingham in second. Nottingham Trent just pipped Birmingham into third.

In the third set of NEUAL fixtures, there were match wins for Lancaster (2011), Sheffield (2148), Liverpool (2133) and York (2141). Keele were 17 behind Lancaster, but otherwise the wins were comfortable. Top scorers across the matches were Daniel Simmons (Sunderland) on 570 and Bob Smith (Liverpool) on 562. Liverpool are now on a maximum 45 points with York a point behind on 44, four teams are on 43.

This set of NEUAL novice matches were won Keele, Huddersfield, Liverpool and Bradford, all relatively comfortably, Liverpool and Bradford breaking 1400. Some previous NEUAL novice match results (including the novice champs) are being/have been recalculated, so at present there is a 4 way tie at the top of the table. Bradford, Liverpool, Keele and Sheffield all have 44 points - Bradford's aggregate sees them sit top.

Also, E-League results for Dec/Jan came out. Warwick took 10 points in Division 1, with Southampton 9 and Bath 8. In the overall standings, Warwick now have 28 points to Southampton's 27, whilst Bath have 23.

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