EResults from the ELeague [11/Apr/07]

Edinburgh won Division 1 of the ELeague 2006/07, winning the final month's fixture with Cambridge in second in the month, the overall margin 49 to 46. Warwick were third as they have been in all five "months" this season, five 8s giving 40, with York marooned in fourth on 30 points. Imperial (who did not record any scores in November) scored 26 and were sixth. The lower part of the league was very congested with Durham and Oxford ahead of Exeter. Loughborough were ninth and Heriot-Watt were adrift in tenth. A full list of promotions and relegations will be made available shortly, but by my reckoning Keele and Nottingham will be promoted into Division 1, with Loughborough and Heriot-Watt making way.

Edinburgh B also finished top of Division 2 but only on monthly average from Cambridge B who were first for March after both scored 46. Keele were third and the top A team in the division on 41. Fourth, fifth and sixth were Warwick B, Nottingham and Surrey. The novice league had boiled down to a straight shoot-off between Edinburgh and Cambridge and it was the Scottish club who made it a double 48-47. Keele were third novice team on 37 with Nottingham on 26 leading the distant chasing pack.

Inidividually, Ric Whalley (Cambridge) snatched first place on 83 after Andy O'Connor (Keele) could only notch a 2 for March for a total of 74 points and fourth. Rob Fryers (Cambridge) was second on 81 points. Andy Ward (Edinburgh) would have won had he recorded a 546 or greater in Sept/Oct but a no return kept him third overall on 78 points. David Lange (Edinburgh) was fifth on 67. Jenny Jeppsson (Edinburgh) with 97 won ladies recurve far ahead of Georgina Porter (York) on 85. Emma Downie (Edinburgh) with no return for March still managed third on 79. Yi Song (Nottingham) was fourth on 66.

Ivan Hoo (Cambridge) won the March round for gents recurve novice and finished on 87 ahead of Felix Pretis (Edinburgh) 84. David Williams (Keele) 74 and Daniel Strange (Cambridge) 70 were third and fourth. Katherine Berggrav (Edinburgh) comfortably won ladies novice recurve on 88 points ahead of club mate Kyshiea George-Steele (Edinburgh) on 73 with Daria Chernoivanova (Keele) third on 64.

The end of the ELeague wraps up the indoor season and whilst Edinburgh have put in a dominant performance, they have been required to by the excellent performances from primarily Cambridge, Warwick and Keele. The ELeague rewards consistent scoring over the entire five round ("month") season and it is noticeable that only Jenny Jeppsson's 97 out of 100 really dominated in any recurve category. Also with only two up and two down, it is actually quite difficult to gain promotion, so congrats if your side has gone up, commiserations if the drop beckons.

Thanks to Ian Caulfield and Matt Johnson in Cambridge for administering the ELeague over the season.

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