BUSA build-up and results round-up [11/Jun/07]

The target list for BUSA Outdoors has been released and is available on the Championship website and linked to from BUSA Outdoor section of this website. Please check this list carefully and advise Steve Pettitt cub-captain@@srcf.ucam.org if there are any alterations e.g. mis-spellings/typos, people in the wrong category, or if anyone has pulled out. Withdrawals are particularly important since archers on the waiting list can be notified in good time and the more notice the better.

A survey about the experimental change of round is attached to the Pre-event information document. Please print one off and bring it with you, although you should probably wait until after you've shot to fill it in.

Imperial became SEAL Outdoor champions on 3rd June ahead of second placed Southampton. The win is Imperial's eleventh consecutive at senior SEAL level - a run that stretches back to February 2004 - and brings their all-time SEAL record to remarkable 13 wins from 14 fixtures. Travis Woodward led the team home with 804 on the Albion. Rob King (Southampton) with 846 was first gent but the Hampshire side were just under 200 points behind. Brunel, Reading and Sussex all failed to attend and there were only three novice archers, all female, of whom Alexandra Crampton-Platt (Imperial) was top on 701, and second lady overall behind teammate Lizzie Williams on 793.

Cambridge beat Oxford in the varsity match (not a FITA but also an Albion/Windsor) with a formidable 3336, top individuals were Light Blues Ric Whalley with 877 and Helen Markland with 796. Also the BUTTS friendly took place at Warwick. The event was a handicapped team of three knockout all at 60m. "Team Alan", comprising Alan Faulkner, Phil King (both Warwick) and Victoria Moore (Derby) beat "We Don't Need No Mars" team comprising Julie Chenery, Dave Barnes (both Warwick) and Lisa Crumpling (Loughborough Alumni) in the final.

The NEUAL H2H and Clout weekend was held at Durham. The H2H winners were Pete Clayton (Durham) who beat James King (Durham Alumni) and Georgina Porter (York) who beat Louise Smith (Sheffield). Clout winners were James Milburn (Liverpool) and Shelley Hurst (Bradford Alumni). Top student lady for clout was Naomi Richardson (Liverpool).

BUSA KO is at 08:30 on Saturday.

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