Swansea grab shock SWWU win [30/May/07]

Swansea sprung a surprise by grabbing a controversial home win in the fourth SWWU leg held on 12th May. The round shot was an American, which is 30 arrows at each of 60, 50 and 40 yards, effectively a shortened Windsor - I had to look that up.

The controversy stemmed from a SWWU rule that a senior team must feature both male and female archers. It has rarely been needed - normally there is at least one archer of both sexes within the top four from each club. However, in this leg Bath brought no female archers with them so could only count three scores towards their senior team total. Swansea's total of 2074 was well clear of Bath's 1814 for whom Anthony Harris' 667 was the top score in the match, but had Bath been able to include a fourth score, they, and not their hosts would have won. Exeter were missing some of their top archers and could only finish a distant third in the leg but were still able to carry off the senior league title with 14 points. Swansea's last leg victory took them level on league points with Bath but 90 behind on aggregate.

The novice match proved a very close battle between Exeter and Swansea which the English side eventually edged by only 5 points. The margin may have been slim but it proved critical. Had Swansea got their noses in front, then Bath, Exeter and Swansea would have all finished on 12 points and required aggregate to separate them. Exeter would still have won but Swansea would have snatched second away from Bath. In reality, maximum points carried Exeter to 13 and the title. Bath and Swansea finished on 12 and 11 points respectively.

Stumbling rather than roaring over the finish line, Exeter won their third consecutive SWWU senior league championship to draw level with Bath on three titles each after six seasons of South-West competition. Prior to this leg, Exeter had been on a 10 match unbeaten run at senior SWWU level, going back to November 2004.

League Organiser Jack Murkin (Swansea) has attempted to expand the league this season attempting to include Aberystwyth and Plymouth (for 07/08) and it is to be hoped that these two clubs will both join the league and participate fully in 2007/08. SWWU will be electing a new league organiser at BUSA Outdoor Champs.

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