Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, ELeague [09/Jan/13]

UKSAA website is not often in the practice of bold predictions, but it seems as though social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are going to be big. Ever with its finger on the pulse, UKSAA now has a presence on both and will also be moving email addresses from Yahoo to Gmail. Naturally, UKSAA (founded 2001) wishes the whippersnappers at Facebook (2004), Twitter (2006) and Gmail (2007) all the best.

Do please Like and Follow away at facebook.com/ukstudentarchery and twitter.com/UKStudentArcher. These are intended to complement the central UKSAA website.

The main email address for UKSAA is changing to ukstudentarchery@@gmail.com. Please try to use this in any communication with UKSAA. The old yahoo address will still be checked, but will probably be deleted in the summer.

Normally at this time of the month, a new set of E-League results are available for digestion. However, because Round 3 runs across December and January, the next batch of points won't be published until 7th Feb.

The round 2, November results have been up for quite a while now, but in summary, in Division 1, Loughborough snapped up maximum points with 2275 against 2273 from Warwick. At roughly 10 points intervals followed Edinburgh, Southampton and Cambridge. The results leave Warwick top on 19 points, Loughborough on 17, with Southampton and Edinburgh on 16.

Elsewhere Liverpool A top Division 2 with 18 points, although winning the November round has lifted Derby A in to the second promotion slot. Edinburgh A comfortably top Novice Division 1 with maximum points. Birmingham have 16 in second, Napier have 15 in third. Luis Felipe Paulinyi (Southampton) and Rachael Hutchison (Warwick) top the individual standings.

Scores for Round 3 can be shot until 31st Jan, submitted until 5th Feb, with results following two days later.

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