Exeter ease to SWWU crowns [12/Jul/13]

Exeter confirmed the SWWU 2013 title with a second placed finish in match 5 (extracted from BUCS Outdoor totals), meanwhile Keele claim the NEUAL title in controversial circumstances - a separate editorial will follow. Both clubs have also won their respective novice league tables.

Exeter were already virtually assured of winning SWWU, having won the first three legs. Bath were triumphant in legs 4 and 5, but were too far behind to make a dent. Exeter finished on 48 points ahead of Bath's 45, to win their fourth SWWU title - their first since 2007. Swansea were third in the final standings ahead of Plymouth who didn't shoot the final match, but did take a fuller part in SWWU proceedings than ever before.

Exeter's novices complete a clean sweep of first places to end the year on a maximum 50 points. Swansea and Bath were level going in to the final fixture. The Welsh side won the shoot off for second, with a full team novices against one.

View the final SWWU 2012/13 standings. The top scoring individuals from the match were Alexander Hickson (Bath) 1158 and Gerda Pociunaite (Exeter) 1116. Liam Man (Bath) was the only novice in 4 digits, with 1007.

Despite the best efforts of this year's organiser Richard Mill (Swansea), SWWU has again struggled for fixtures and teams. There was some progress as Plymouth did take part in a full SWWU season for the first time, but Aberystwyth did not. Hosting issues meant that only 3 SWWU legs were matches in their own right and only one fixture was fulfilled before the start of March.

Looking ahead, Eliott Rooke (Exeter) will take over the SWWU organiser mantle in its 13th year, 2013/14. Meanwhile there is a new club at Bristol (just added to the Club Directory) and one probably to be formed at Bournemouth, both of whom could join SWWU next year. This would boost the number of teams in the league from four up to a much healthier six. Match hosting may prove just as crucial however.

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