London in SEAL driving seat [25/Feb/13]

As promised from before BUTC, a review of SEAL match 3 follows, but first the target list for BUCS Indoors 2013 has been released, with a whopping 611 entries - 52 bosses of fun. The largest ever BUCS Indoors, 2012, featured 523 archers, so a 86% turn out is needed to beat that.

Also, the E-League's website has gone offline temporarily, although a copy of the site can be seen on It is possible the site will move here permanently to avoid future disruption.

There were wins for Aberdeen and Warwick in their respective Leagues' Indoor Championships. Scores will appear here once they are published.

London claimed the match 3 honours with 2202, spearheaded by a 571 from Sherman Ip. There were sharply contrasting fortunes for Southampton and Imperial. Affected by exams, Southampton were not at full strength and could only manage 2012 points and finished 6th as a result. Having been level at the top with London, they slide 5 points behind, but stay second overall. Imperial have had a torrid time with lack of venue and practice time, but roared into life with a score of 2146 in second place (as against their previous scores of 1715/7th and 1733/8th). A total of 563 from Hannah Beasley-Suffolk lifts the Imps to sixth in the overall table.

Surrey were third in the match falling half a dozen shy of 2100 with Matt Sharpe on 580. This was not quite the top score in the match as Brunel's David Forster got 583 out of his side's 2042 in fourth. Essex were fifth. Surrey are now clear in third in the table on 25 points.

The nearest London have come to winning SEAL was in the 2003/04 season, SEAL's first, where Surrey, Imperial and London all finished level on points at the top. London ended up third on points aggregate. Now, two third place finishes would seem them claim their first SEAL crown, see the current 2012/13 standings.

In the novice match, the top two teams finished in the same order as in the previous two matches, but this time Southampton's margin over London wasn't 242 or 192, but was in fact, 1. Southampton scored 1447 to London's 1446, with Reading third on 1272 and Essex a further fifty back. In the novice table, Southampton on 33, lead London on 30, with Kent holding on to third place in the table.

There is currently an ongoing discussion about SEAL restructuring, a discussion prompted by the high number of clubs with venue problems. More on this as it develops.

SEAL match 4 will be extracted from BUCS results (as will a SWWU match), with match 5 to follow in March.

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